• The Eco Lift is specifically designed to have the lowest depth requirement of all in-ground lifts. It is the industry’s original ultra-shallow, full-rise, axle-engaging in-ground scissor lift. It requires a trench depth of only 34 inches. The eco lift uses a high-pressure hydraulic system requiring only 30 liters per scissor lift. The lift can be operated with two, three, or four scissors with a capacity of 30,000 lb per scissor lift and a travel range of 10, 13, and 17 feet.

    The lift is electronically controlled using the intelligent Stertil-Koni E Bright control with a 7-inch display that synchronizes the lift to within 1 ¼ inch. The independent, mechanical, gravity operated locks engage automatically for added user safety. The floor opening is protected by retractable aluminum flap-type covers with a 13,500 lb load capacity. The scissor lifts move thanks to a rack and pinion on a corrosion-resistant rail. Stertil-Koni offers a wide assortment of options and accessories, including specialized lift adapters, remote control, and an automatic wheelbase positioning system (A.W.B.P)


ModelECO 60ECO 90ECO 120
Lifting Capacity60,000 lbs.90,000 lbs.120,000 lbs.
Lifting Height70 inches70 inches70 inches
Pit Depth34 inches34 inches34 inches
Travel Range10, 13, 17 feet10, 13, 17 feet10, 13, 17 feet
Minimum Wheelbase48 inches48 inches48 inches
Lifting Time90 seconds90 seconds90 seconds
Compressed Air90 PSI at 5CFM90 PSI at 5CFM90 PSI at 5CFM
Motor Power2 x 5 hp3 x 5 hp4 x 5 hp