• This model uses mobile column technology offering optimal efficiency for the user and available workspace. The Freedom lift is ideal for light and medium truck service in the public and private sectors. Its unique design uses the same technology found in the Stertil Koni mobile lifts. No need for cables, pulleys, or chains.

    The Freedom lift is available in a wide range of models, including capacities of 16,000 lb, 20,000 lb, 26,000 lb, or 30,000 lb with two or three-piece telescopic arms.

    To optimize user safety, flow control hydraulic valves and mechanical safety latches engage and maintain levels from side to side.

    For European style vans (sprinter, promaster), an EFA (Extended Flexible Arms) model is available with three-piece arms and adjustable pivot points. The exclusive carriage locking system optimizes load distribution and extends the life of the carriage by 20,000 cycles under a normal load.

    As an option, Stertil Koni offers a secondary control box, LED column lighting, and an assortment of lifting adapters.


ModelSK 2.16EFA*SK 2.16SK 2.20SK 2.26SK 2.30
Lifting capacity16,000 lbs.16,000 lbs.20,000 lbs.26,000 lbs.30,000 lbs.
Lifting height80.780.677.9 - 78.577.9 - 78.577.9 - 78.5
Pick-up height5.95.85.1 - 5.75.1 - 5.75.1 - 5.7
Min. single telescopic arm lengthn/an/a38.238.238.2
Max. single telescopic arm lengthn/an/a63.463.463.4
Min. double telescopic arm length19.535.435.435.435.4
Max. double telescopic arm length56.377.276.476.476.4
Lifting time58 sec58 sec58 sec95 sec95 sec
Power output5 hp5 hp5 hp5 hp5 hp
* Flexible dimensions