Transmission Jacks

  • Transmission jacks are designed for removing and installing transmissions, differentials, and other components on heavy vehicles. They are outstanding for servicing buses, trucks, and construction equipment. They can be used with above-ground lifts or inserted into the ground (service pit).

    Its unique design combines the power and speed of a pneumatic hydraulic pump for fast, effortless lifting. They are also equipped with a manual pump for precise adjustment. The large table tilt controls give precise control of the transmission.


    • Ergonomic design promotes health and safety in the workplace
    • 3,500lb lifting capacity
    • Quick and easy operation with the pneumatic hydraulic pump
    • The air filter, regulators, and lubricator are included.
    • Hand pumps for precise positioning
    • Large “X” base for maximum stability and accessibility
    • Fully adjustable universal table comes with two tie-down straps to secure the load to the jack.
    • Three table sizes available to better accommodate different jobs
    • A variety of table adapters are available to hold specific transmissions and differentials.



Wheel Diameter8 inches in front / 6 inches in the rear with brakes
Available Sizes26-inch by 16-inch table / 20-inch by 14-inch table / 16-inch by 13-inch table
Table Tilt12 degrees front to back / 12 degrees side to side
Capacity3,500 lb
Maximum Height74 inches
Minimum Height35 inches